Horse Rider Memories

Horse Rider Memories is designed to keep track of how you did at horse shows.

You will be able to see all of the horse shows that you competed in, as well as each horse that you rode.

Even if you rode different horses in each class the program can track that!

Just a few clicks and you will be able to see how you placed in each class that you rode in for any show that you competed in!

Better yet, you can see how many riders were in your class, you will even be able to see the judge(s) for each class!

Don’t worry about adding up your points, it’s easy to see how many points you earned for each class and how many points you have accumulated for the season! you can track fractional points also now.

Keep track of all of that prize money you have won! just like your points it’s easy to see how much you won for each class and for the season.

Keep track of how much each of your class fees were, it’s easy to see how much your class fees were for each of your shows.

Keep track of your show costs, it’s easy to see how much each show cost and you can see a breakdown of each category for your costs!

Does your shows have more than 1 judge per class? not a problem, you can track up to 6 judges for each class!

For each Class, you can track the number of points that each judge gave you as well as the place that each judge placed you!

Just imagine years from now the memories you can bring back when you read your journal!

Everybody likes to look at pictures, that’s why you’ll like the photo album!

Your information is easily printed too! you can print your points and prize money totals. You can print your class fees and show costs. You can print a single show’s results or a whole range of shows and you can print a single journal entry or a whole range.

Current Version: 2.5 (March 20, 2011)
Registration Fee: $19.99 Internet Download / $29.99 CD
Upgrades: Free lifetime upgrades to registered users!
Operating System: Windows 95 or higher

Main Features

  • Windows Vista Support
  • Track how you have done at Horse Shows
  • Track the Horses you have ridden in each show
  • Track the Place you came in
  • Track the number of riders in the class
  • Track the Points you earned in each class for the year
  • Track the Prize Money you won in each class for the year
  • Track up to 6 Judges for each class 
  • Track Points and Place by each Judge 
  • Track the Class Fees
  • Track the Show Costs
  • Keep a Daily Journal
  • Daily Journal has spellchecking, plus use any fonts, color and sizes for your text
  • Build a Photo Scrapbook
  • Photo Album can display many image formats including Kodak Photo CD
  • Print your Show Results, Journal, Point totals, Prize Money
  • Print your Class Fees and Show Costs
  • Add unlimited Users
  • Add unlimited Horses
  • Add unlimited Shows
  • Add unlimited Classes
  • Add unlimited Cost Categories
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